Welcome to LOOKBOOKSpro

LOOKBOOKSpro is a groundbreaking proprietary software platform, which seamlessly incorporates digital marketing tools, sales management and portfolio management.

Powerful easy to use tools let you create professionally designed Web Pages; compile portfolios; organize contact information for targeted marketing campaigns; track industry response to launched campaigns; publish your images to your social media accounts (twitter and Facebook) and generate new traffic back to your website.

LOOKBOOKSprostreamlines this well-rounded approach to marketing to maximize ease, efficiency and effectiveness. 

LOOKBOOKSpro is masterminded and supported by LOOKBOOKS Media, Inc., an innovative technology company that provides integrated digital marketing solutions to the world’s leading fashion, beauty, photography, design and fine art clients.


Introduction to templates

Standardize your knowledge base by creating templates such as a simple FAQ-style article, step-by-step guides, How-To, Release notes, and a lot more. Your team can simply choose from the predefined templates and start creating their articles from there - saving them time.

Creating templates

  1. Go to Knowledge Base
  2. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left
  3. Select Article templates
  4. Click on New template and start creating your template

Mark a template as default to load it automatically while creating a new article. 

Using templates

  1. Once you save a template, click on Use template to open the template as a new article
  2. Make the relevant changes to the template and save the article