In this tab, you upload, manage, and organize your assets based on a simple tree structure


Studio Tree

Adding a top level Category

Adding a Folder

Adding an Album

Adding an Artist

Adding Assets 

Adding Assets

Adding/Checking Artist Association

Loading Artist Assets to Workbench

Sending a Campaign via Quick Send

Cloning Folders and Albums

Inside the Studio

Saving Workplace Layout

Publishing/Unpublishing Folders/Albums/Assets

Moving Items in Studio

Copying Assets from one Album to Another

Tagging Folders and Albums

Asset Level Actions

Tagging/Untagging Assets

Creating 2 Image Spreads

Sharing to Social Media

Viewing Asset Fullscreen

Comparing Images Side By Side

Comparing Images Side By Side

Downloading an Image

Removing Assets from an Album

Thumbnail View vs List View

Bulk Actions

Studio Search

Search Filters

Saved Searches

Sharing Saved Searches


Creating a Lightbox

Sending a Lightbox