• First create a Newsletter Template by clicking the “+” in the upper right hand quadrant of the left-hand pane.

  • Give your newsletter template a title to easily distinguish it from your other templates, like “Spring/Summer 2011 Template” or “New Work Template”. You can also easily identify templates by number of images, such as “1 Image Template” or “6 Image Template”

  • Inserting images is a good place to start for template creation. Best practice is to insert a table into your newsletter, using the “Insert Table” button, according to the number and order of images you wish to insert into your template. (For instance a 4 Image template will require a template which is 2x2)

  • Justify or center the table using the buttons provided. You can easily merge cells in your table by right clicking the table itself.

  • Insert images as place holders into the table by clicking the appropriate fields, and using your Asset Picker, choose any assets from your Studio to incorporate into your newsletter; these can aways be replaced later by simply clicking the asset and again clicking your Asset Picker button. Best practice is always to use assets from the Studio, rather than embedding images from other sources, as this will increase the deliverability of your emailer, and decrease the likelihood that it will be marked as Spam.

  • Note that Newsletters are also HTML friendly. Change or create HTML by clicking the “HTML” button from the menu.

  • Once you are satisfied with your Newsletter Template, click “save” to save your template.

  • To create a Newsletter from your Templates, click the template from which to create your emailer then click the “+” button in the second pane to generate a Newsletter from the template selected

  • Fill out all required fields

  • Replace images as needed by clicking the asset to replace, then clicking the

    Asset Picker to access images from the studio.

  • Note that your Newsletter always generates a Newsletter ID, which can be used

    to create a URL at which the Newsletter can be viewed online. Simply apply the

    following formula: siteaddress.com/newsletter/ID

  • Once you’ve finished editing your newsletter, simply select contacts, schedule,

    and send.